Saturday, July 28, 2007

I'd like to introduce myself

Hi and Welcome to all who visit here.

Most people know me as Ronnie but I am really a Veronica and will answer to both. (Mom is at the top and as of three years ago Llama Grandma). My granddaughter uses that to distinguish between me and her other Grandma. Her name is Beatrice.

I am the mother of seven children of which the youngest is 18 and in college. I am very proud of all my children.

I have done needlework most of my life. Embroydery, knitting, crochet. I mostly do knitting now with some crochet thrown in and the embroydery for a break. But of my three daughters and myself we have the needle work covered.

We have two llamas at present named Butch and Rosie. We were told that they were male and female but at their first clipping we found out we had two males, so now "Rosie" is Briar Rose. (Thorn) :-)

I am learning how to spin and one of my daughters is getting quite good. We are also starting to design our own patterns.