Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Moved and settled?

Hi all. I know it has been awhile. But we are moved and mostly settled. I don't know moving from a tri level house to an apartment was quite a difference.

Well the picture you see is my granddaughter in the robe I made her for her 4th birthday last month in July. It is in mostly her favorite color (pink) and when I ran out I used a bright orange divided by the green belt line and green belt. She loves it.

Where we are living there is a pool and she and her Mom, Sally come swimming on most Tues and Thurs. It is great! I went from seeing them a couple of times a year to twice a week.

We are about 10 minutes from Sally's and Nick's. And Brian my son in law showed me a way to their house which takes about the same time but I don't have to get on the freeway. Nice scienic route.

I would say most of our neighbors are college kids and most of them that we have met are nice. We really like our new neighbors. They have a dog about the same size as our Sophie but she is half her age. She is just 5 months old. It is so cute. When one of them is out they go to the other door and whine like they are asking if their friend can come out and play.

Right now they are fixing up the place like crazy. The complex got some kind of grant and I understand a tornado went through here last year and they are using the grant to replace the shingles and paint. Really looks snazy.

Well I will go for now and hope to hear from you all.

Monday, April 14, 2008

Monday Morning. We have Sun!!!

Well it is Monday morning, had a decent weekend. We got to do chores for a friend of ours and she had a new baby lamb while she was gone. I cute black one. We had fun figuring out which one was the mama as another new mother kept answering the lamb's call, but we got if figured out. Also my Granddaughters picture did not get uploaded in the last post so I am doing that now.

My two Bleeding Heart plants are up. Since we are moving one is going to a dear friend one to my oldest daughter. She out of the kids owns a home. My youngest son got them for me many years ago at the Eastern Market near Detroit here in Michigan. So they have sentimental value as well.

Tomorrow is sheep shearing day. Yes this is the second try. The shearer couldn't make it last time so we are geared up for this tomorrow. We think it is fun but still a lot of work. I will see if I can borrow some pictures to post. There are 40 some sheep to shear so it is definitely an all day thing. And Sue has told us that you always feed the shearer so we are doing a pot luck type thing for the lunch.

Well that is about it for now. Have a good week. Oh by the way those you that live in the Thumb Area of Michigan or close by, our yarn store "Back Alley Fibers" is having a tax sale at the store. Also Knit Night is on Friday from 5pm to 10pm. All are welcome. Bring a dish to pass and drinks are provided. Come enjoy with us. April 18th. The phone number is: 989-672-2144. I wonder why I have that number memorized. (innocent look) lol

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

April 10, 2008

Well it has been a long day but turning out to be a good one. I get to put my Granddaughter's picture on my blog. So far she is my only grandchild but with seven more children I am sure I will have more. Beatrice is almost 4 years old, her birthday is in June. As you can see she is holding yarn. She helps her Mom sometimes.
Today I got the paperwork to start the "Master Knitter's" Course. I am excited. I am looking forward to completing all three courses. I am following my dream. Anyway. I get to make a notebook right off the bat. I like organizing things so this will be right up my alley.
Right now on the needles I have a test knit project of a friend/designer at my LYS and am waiting for a package for test knitting some socks. I am doing the test swatch today that she has emailed us. I am also working on some Tabi Socks for my youngest daughter to go with her kimonos. I am about half way up the foot, and they are cuff down. Maybe tomorrow. I also am knitting some of Jeanie Townsend's "Lilac" socks for myself. I have about one and a half patterns and then I start the foot, which I think I will leave blank. See you all later.

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Spring in Springing

Well Spring is springing around here. Like I said the birds that I watch for are back and last night we heard the frogs for the first time. Now a former boss I had said that Spring will officially arrive when the frogs freeze three times. But they were sure good to hear. I will surly miss them when we move and if we have to live in a town or city. But I will deal. I will just have to find a place to hide so to speak.

When I was a teenager and working for Kreesge's near Detroit, MI I found some trees on the shopping center property and I used to go there sometimes for lunch. It was nice and mine to read or daydream at.

Well I started a new journey today. My ancestry. I have tried a little before but now this is the real thing. has a great site. I am going through whatever I have in records and am entering. I want to learn just where my family came from in Poland and Germany. This is very exciting for me.

Well that is about all for now, oh wait we took in our wool from out llamas yesterday. That might be the last trip because we don't know if we will be able to keep our remaining llama when we move.

I'll have to get pictures of the llamas from my daughter and post them. We had two but lost one this winter. But Butch is hale and happy. He should be he just finished his hay. LOL

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Holy Saturday

Today is the day before Easter, and here I am taking a break from a test sweater posting in my blog and playing pool on my computer. Hmmm. The sun is shining and it looks to be a beautiful day out. Saw my first hornet and heard a robing and a redwing blackbird. Yes Spring is coming. I love to see the world awaken after the winter.

I have finished my socks for the yahoo group "skp2008" and am posting the picture. The yarn is turquoise so I ended up making them and giving them to my youngest daughter who is 19. She loves the color. I also gave some sock yarn and pattern to my middle daughter, she loves moose so there is a pattern for a silhouette for a left one and a right one with the yarn. She was very happy to get it.

I would like to wish all a very Happy Easter and eat some chocolate for me.

See you all next time and thank you for your comments.

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Sunday Evening

Good Evening to all.

Well this week was busy knitting socks for the Six Sock group on Yahoo. I got them finished and will have a pic with with post. Also my youngest daughter and I have been spinning. We both learned almost two weeks ago. She uses my Ashford Travler and I used the Ashford Traditional. You would not have guessed that she is just learning. Her yarn is beautiful. We plan on washing the four hanks she has done. She will be using it to knit a shawl from a pattern she found on an Avatar site. Anime site in which another girl posted the pattern. Her yarn is mixed mostly Alpaca and wool. Nice natural whitish gray.

Mine on the other hand... Well it is burnt orange and all wool. I started out with it bumpy and am keeping it that way in order to knit a poncho with it. It is a pattern that I got from May Maxim a few years ago that I got in a kit that was on sale and never around to knitting. It will be very nice and warm. Will have pics after it is washed and dried. The scanner does a nice job.

Hope all had a nice weekend.

Monday, February 18, 2008

First Fairisle Project

This is my first Fairisle project. I got it from "Stitch 'N Bitch Nation" pattern book. Great first project. I used "Lamb's Pride" Bulky, it is 85% Wool and 15% Mohair. I love it and wear it a lot.
Ok it has been a long time since I started this. But I hope to post regularly. I am learning and today put a picture of me and a link to my blog. I will be adding more as I learn this new media.

A few things have changed since I started this. I am no longer working out of the home and we are moving to a different area in Michigan. My two daughters that are at home and I will be moving closer to the rest of the family. Four of my children live in Lansing, so we are going near there. If possible I don't want to be right in the city. There are a number of small towns near there.

I have started a new career in test knitting. I am learning new stitches and types of knitting. Also my youngest daughter have finally learned to spin on our Ashford Wheels.

Ok I am going to play more now and add links to some of the Yahoo Groups I belong to and some pictures of items I have knitted.