Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Moved and settled?

Hi all. I know it has been awhile. But we are moved and mostly settled. I don't know moving from a tri level house to an apartment was quite a difference.

Well the picture you see is my granddaughter in the robe I made her for her 4th birthday last month in July. It is in mostly her favorite color (pink) and when I ran out I used a bright orange divided by the green belt line and green belt. She loves it.

Where we are living there is a pool and she and her Mom, Sally come swimming on most Tues and Thurs. It is great! I went from seeing them a couple of times a year to twice a week.

We are about 10 minutes from Sally's and Nick's. And Brian my son in law showed me a way to their house which takes about the same time but I don't have to get on the freeway. Nice scienic route.

I would say most of our neighbors are college kids and most of them that we have met are nice. We really like our new neighbors. They have a dog about the same size as our Sophie but she is half her age. She is just 5 months old. It is so cute. When one of them is out they go to the other door and whine like they are asking if their friend can come out and play.

Right now they are fixing up the place like crazy. The complex got some kind of grant and I understand a tornado went through here last year and they are using the grant to replace the shingles and paint. Really looks snazy.

Well I will go for now and hope to hear from you all.

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Fuzzy Izmit said...

That robe looks great!