Saturday, February 21, 2009

Long Time No See lol

Hi All

I know it has been awhile again since I got on here. Christmas has come and gone. Had almost all of the kids over for Chirstmas Dinner. Did some of the old Polish dishes that are supposed to be for Christmas Eve. I even pickled herring myself. Paula learned to make Angel Wings which is the English name. A very light pastry with powered sugar. All in all it was a very nice Christmas. It was nice being to be with the family instead of so far away.

Well it is the New Year in fact I had a birthday earlier this month and am now 57 years young. I almost have my winter jacket done and guess what I steeked it. Yes I got up the nerve and cut it down the middle of the front. I am still spinning the llama from Butch for the front panels for the buttons and the collar. I will have my daughter take a pic of it when I get it done. The way things are going probably late this winter or next winter. lol Good things come to those who wait.

We (my two youngest daughters) are spinning yarn for a friend and I experminted putting beads in the finished product and she liked it and sent beads with the roving so I will be working on that for her spring and summer shows. She has lovely Romeny and some mixed with mohair. Check out her stuff it is great.

Well hugs to all. I was going to upload a pic of myself and granddaughter knitting but it would not go. It also has a shawl that I spun the wool for and knit. Maybe next time.

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